We Need You!

As we strategically plan the continued growth and beautification of our neighbourhood, we can’t do it without you! We aim to ask every business in the area to become an ACTIVE member. Become a vital part of our plan for 2023 and beyond to make Bay & Algoma the “GO TO” destination in Thunder Bay. We are 100% independent and rely solely on members’ dues and other fundraising initiatives to operate this association.

Our Mandate is “to create an enhanced business environment in the Bay & Algoma area”.


Services we currently offer with our membership:

  • Monthly meetings to help decide the direction of the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood
  • Discounted advertisements (print & radio) when presented to Bay & Algoma
  • A page for your business on the Bay & Algoma website
  • Up to 3 posts shares a week on Bay & Algoma Social Media (when tagged)
  • Map location in the updated Bay & Algoma brochure. shared with multiple tourist destinations (Terry Fox Monument, Tourist Pagoda, Pigeon River, hotels)
  • Opportunity to participate in member to member discounts


Events and Programs

The Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood works to create marketing opportunities and public events that engage the community and attract visitors from near and far. From shopping local initiatives, to community festivals, and the implementation of public art, we strive to create an environment that brings together property owners, local businesses, neighbours, and other organizations. We want to showcase everything that makes Bay & Algoma unique and authentic.


Events in 2023:

  • Buskers Festival (July 29 – July 30)
  • Christmas Tree Lighting (To Be Determined)



There are a number of ways that we stay in touch with our members including direct emails, our social media outlets, as well as our website. We encourage you to visit our website for updates on events, new businesses, and contests happening in the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood, as well as our social media platforms. If you have events or promotions planned, email us the details so that we can help you spread the word!

Website Directory

Every Bay & Algoma Member has an online directory listing for their business that can be found at www.bayalgoma.com. If you would like to make edits or add additional photos, please contact us at: board@bayalgoma.com.

Bay and Algoma Association

The Bay & Algoma Business Association is a not-for-profit organization overseen by a volunteer board of directors comprised of property and business owners from within our boundaries. Board members meet regularly, providing higher level direction to members on policy and initiatives.

As a member of the Bay & Algoma Business Association please understand that we are here for you. Our board of directors is dedicated to assisting our members on a variety of issues and is always available to address your concerns. If you have any questions or concerns about our membership or the services we provide, feel free to contact us via email at: board@bayalgoma.com


Annual Membership Fee

(Within the Bay & Algoma Neighbourhood)

1-2 Owner/Employees Annual Fee $175 + HST
3+ Owner/Employees Annual Fee $225.00 + HST
Friends of Bay and Algoma
(Discounted services and “In-kind” offerings to members)
Annual Fee $250.00


Thanks for your consideration and support!

The Bay and Algoma Board of Directors


Bay & Algoma Member Application

Please complete this Membership Profile form and submit promptly. We want to ensure that all of your information is correct and updated for our new database. This is CRITICAL to ensure you receive updates, invitations and keep informed of all happenings in our Neighbourhood!

As part of EACH membership, you have the option of having your Business/Personal profile public or private. If you opt in for a Public Profile, you and your business information will be updated on our web-site and Facebook page.

Member Form

  • including postal code
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